Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier – HPA304 Model Reviews

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Till now a lot of brands has been available in the market who launched a number of air purifier with different specifications. But Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air purifier has no match in terms of amazing & appealing features. From the start of this article to the last word, today we are going to review different aspects of these products.

There is nothing wrong to say that this product is the true pride taking the product of Honeywell & it is really worthy to have a walkthrough to the review of this model. While reviewing Honeywell HPA304 you will reveal the facts and figures which keep this model a top-rated air purifier.

There are many other purifiers of Honeywell belongs to the same class but if you are the one who prefers the smart versions then you will definitely pick the Honeywell HPA304.

Note – We ensure you that all the details mentioned in this HPA304 Air Purifier review are mentioned after extensive testing of the product under different conditions to touch the limits.

What Exactly the Specialty of HPA304?

It is an admiring fact that Honeywell is a trusted brand with a lot of respect facilitating our lives with a vast range of products. Air Purifiers is one of the life freshening product of Honeywell. HPA304 is specially designed and developer for the larger spaces and comes with multiple numbers of filter stages. Let have a deep dive.

Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier
Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier – HPA304 Model Reviews

The Honeywell HPA304 comes along with the 2 stages filtration to make the air purify from dust and pollen. The first one is the carbon filter which sometimes also known as the prefilter & after that it is equipped with the true HEPA filter. The 2 stages filtration ensure 99.97% pure air by capturing the particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Micron means an incredible small particle. For instance, the simple cell of our blood is 5 times the micron which means that this air purifier HPA304 is highly capable to capture the particles which are even 10 times smaller than a human red blood cell. It isn’t appealing & amazing!

Moreover, all the air purifiers of Honeywell is totally different in term of size & shapes but all are designed for a special purpose. And among all, this product is at the top of the brand with a high rating.

Honeywell Best product With Highly Affordable Price Tag

Honeywell has launched a number of great air purifier with a low price tag. You can search the best Honeywell air purifier under $200. You will get a brief list & no doubt you will be amazed to see the HPA304 at the top of the list. Among this product other products like HFD320 & HPA250B are also very appealing & attraction grabbing. But there is no match in the performance of Honeywell HPA304 & that’s the prime reason it belongs to the top machines.

Honeywell HPA304 Specifications

The review is incomplete if you don’t have a look at the specifications of products. It is always good to look at the specification of the item you are purchasing. So, never ever try to bypass specifications base on looks.

Filters 2 Stage Filters
Pre Filter
Hepa Filter
Ionizer N
Auto mode: N
Max power use127W
Max noise 63 dB
Warranty 5 years
CADR Pollen removal – 300
Dust – 320
Smoke – 300
Coverage (sq ft): 465 

Another feature that takes pride in this product is an outstanding 300+ CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating and it is one of the principal features which makes this air purifier one of the most powerful. The overall design of the product is also very attractive, rounded edges make it more understandable as compared to the other products with the same price tag.

HoneyWell True Hepa Best Air Purifier To Buy
Honeywell True Hepa Best Air Purifier

There is also some downside of this product but that’s are ignorable based on the performance and high user satisfaction. At the end of this article, you will see a section of the Downside of HPA304 Honeywell air purifier.

Features of Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier

Let’s proceed further to explore the appealing features of Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air purifier because without exploring the features offering by this product the review is complete. We have tested the product under different circumstances and based on results explaining the features.

Design, Size, & Editions

Many of us don’t know that this Honeywell air purifier comes in 2 editions. The one is royal black and 2nd one is white. The one we are talking about is white and has model # HPA304 but if you like to buy the black edition then you must select the model # HPA300. Both have the same specifications.

As far as the design is concerned it is very much similar to the other Honeywell air purifiers. Although the design is a bit boring now most of the lovers are used to it and that’s why they don’t mind.

If you are an old user of Honeywell products then you will not feel any difference in design. It comes in a metal body with rounded edges and also equipped with the full-body air intake grill.

The design is highly durable. It gives a solid look & once setup will give the look of a large fan.

The operations buttons are available at the top of the device just like the other air purifiers.

It also comes up with the 2 LED indicators for 2 filtration stages. For classic air purifiers, you can also find out there an air outlet grille.

The overall weight of Honeywell HPA304 is just 22.7 pounds whereas the HPA 300 is a bit heavy in weight.

Both editions come with one handle on each side. The dimensions are as follows.

• 22 inches Height.
• 21 inches Width

The machine is quite big if you have a small room and ideal for the room having are 465 square feet. If you have small rooms you can consider other air purifiers as well.

Filters of HPA304

Filters of HPA304 Honewell Air Purifier
Filters of HPA304

The one and foremost feature which you must consider while purchasing an air purifier are the filters and filtration technology. The filters play an important role in air purification. As far as the filters and filtration technology of HPA300 & HPA304 is concerned then it is offering 99.97% air purification with the help of its 2 stage filtration technology.

With the pocket-friendly price, tag HPA304 is offering strong air purification. The following 2 stages of air purification are.

Pre-filter –The 1st stage of purification is called the pre-filter stage which comes with the Activated Carbon filter. The carbon filter absorbs & trap
• Gasses.
• Odors.
• VOCs.

And other large impurities in the air.

Lifetime: You need to change pre-filter together with activated carbon filter after every 3 months.

True HEPA filter – the core component of the machine is the True HEPA Filter which is claiming 99.97% air purification. Highly capable to trap small particles (0.3 microns) which includes
• Pollen.
• Bacteria.
• Viruses.
• Pet dander.
• Mold.
• Others.

It is also a fact that the TRUE HEPA Filter was installed in its ancestors as a core component but only filters can’t give you output. Appropriate technology together with filters always delivers results. And a big that’s to the technology in it which provides the fullest potential of this amazing air purifying machine. You can’t expect much more than that at $200.

Proven Test-Driven Results

We try our best to provide proven test results so that you can actually get what you are expecting. The size of the room is 300 square feet & we have tested the following air purifiers as a result-oriented approach.

• Coway AP-1512HH.
• HPA304 Honeywell.
• Blue Pure 211.
• Honeywell AirGenius 5.
• Winix WAC9500

Among all, HPA304 gives 99.95% efficiency which is quite close to the claiming value. The results are really astonishing & that’s why it is a top-rated air purifier.

Coverage Area of Honeywell HPA304

Honeywell HPA304 is specially designed for the big rooms and according to the specifications of the product, it claims coverage area up to 465 square feet room which is quite big enough.

The maximum capability of its competitors is up to 284 to 360 square feet except the one Blue Pure 211 claiming the coverage area up to 540 square feet but the price tag is a bit higher for that.

If you love Honeywell and have a smaller room and low budget then you can consider the family member Honeywell 50250 which is offering coverage area up to 390 square ft and the price is $40 less than HPA304.

But the Air Changes per hour of HPA304 is actually 5 times more than the other family member which clearly depicts how powerful it is. Credit goes to the designer of the product who keeps in mind the maximum utilization of fans.

Honeywell Air Purifier Proven Test Driven Results
Honeywell Air Purifier Proven Test-Driven Results

The clean air delivery a rate of HPA304 is 320 for dust, 300 for smoke, and 300 for pollens. If you want to check the efficiency of any air purifier then you must check the CADR. It will tell you how exactly it can purify the air.

Based on these specifications you can win a debate among friends which air purifier is the best & comes with the minimal price tag.

Noise Level of Honeywell HPA304

That’s a bit disappointing, such a great product but a bit noisy. If you are planning to buy the HPA304 product for your office or for your sleeping room then I must say that you should think again.

As compared to the other competitors this product comes up with higher noise. With the same price range, you can consider others because the Honeywell only produced turbo setting not the silent setting for such kind of machines.

While going through different customer reviews I have read a number of negative customer reviews on the operational sound of this machine. But overall, no doubt it is the best air purifier.

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Honeywell HPA304 Power

This is one of the key features which you must consider while finalizing any product to purchase. High power consumption means a high rate of electricity bills. That’s why you after purchasing make sure you won’t run out of your monthly budget.

Honeywell HPA304 consumes power from 40 watts up to 130 watts base of different operation settings & speed of the fan. As compared to the other products of the same class this power consumption is a bit higher.

Electricity Bill Calculation!

Question – For instance, you use HPA304 for 8 hours daily. How much does it cost you in a day, a month or a year?

Ans: It will cost you only $0.124 a day, $3.80 a month, and 45.6 a year. Let’s add a 10% contingency. After contingency, your bill will just only 50$ a month. Everything has been clearly mentioned in the image shown below.

If you still think the Electricity bill is high which is actually not! Then you may consider some other products available in the market like
• Honeywell AirGenius 3.
• Honeywell AirGenius 4.
• Honeywell AirGenius 5.

Other Notified Features of HPA304

Here are some other features of Honeywell air purified HPA304 which is really noteworthy. Let have a look at them one by one.

• No more smart sensors.
• Come up with basic timer settings like
o 2 hours.
o 4 hours.
o 8 hours.
• It comes up with different fan modes actually 3 fan modes.
o Allergen.
o General Clean.
o Germ
• In order to get high efficiency, you can turn on the turbo mode. It maximizes the fan speed of Honeywell HPA304. (Always use the turbo mode when you can extreme allergy situation).
• It comes up with auto light dimmer settings.
• No need to remember every time the filter replacement date because it comes up with a reminder to replace the filter.

Honeywell Customer Care Center

If a brand is really leading the market and not offering good customer care then it is not a good brand. It is a fact that Honeywell is offering user-friendly customer services.

You can easily reach to Honeywell via the mailbox, call, or email. Here is the official address of Honeywell.
• Honeywell Store in 407 N.
• Quentin Road,
• Palatine, Illinois.
You can also reach them via call.
Honeywell Phone Number. 847-701-3038
Contact them for any kind of support.
In case, if you want to reach Honeywell via Email then it is the official email address of the Honeywell Store.
In case you experience any kind of problem don’t hesitate to contact them 24/7. They will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.
• Timing: Honeywell Store available from Monday – Friday.

Honeywell is not offering any kind of free shipping, you must notify that. In case of any problem after shipping, you must notify them within 24 hours otherwise they don’t take any kind of responsibility for the damage.

Shipment Duration: The official shipment of Honeywell can easily take up to 10 working days. Days count starts from the day of product dispatch.

Returning Policy – Returning any product to any vendor is really a hectic job so in the case of Honeywell.

Honeywell is offering you 30 days money-back guarantee on Honeywell air purifiers.

The time starts from the day you receive your shipment. Moreover, they will not entertain any kind of shipment charges.

Honeywell air purifier HPA304 comes up with 5 years of warranty which is far more enough for all.

The Downside of HPA304 Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell HPA304 lack some of the key features which mostly found in high-end purifiers. For instance, it lacks
• Auto mode.
• Sleep Mode.
• Remote control.
• No set & forget.
Nevertheless, the Honeywell HPA304 is the one with the most effective air purifying system and offering a great removal of dust particles from home at a very low & competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where to buy the Honeywell air purifier?

honeywell hepa air purifier best air
Honeywell HEPA air purifier

Ans: Buying products is not an issue nowadays because the world has become a global village due to the internet.

Moreover, you can easily buy the Honeywell Air Purifier HPA304 or any other model locally from the Honeywell store. If you don’t like to visit physically then I must say welcome to the virtual world.

E-commerce business makes online shopping so easy for everyone. All you need is to find a trusted online e-commerce store like Amazon, eBay, and others. Search out the Honeywell air purifier, compare the prices, check the specifications, & price before locking your final decision.

No doubt comparing different products with the same specification is always a good practice to get the product which meets your needs. Buy Now Honeywell HPA304 air purifier with TRUE HEPA Filter.

Q: Where to buy Honeywell air purifier filters?

Ans: Honeywell air purifier filters are available at the local stores of Honeywell or from the online store of Honeywell. If you prefer online then you have to follow the guide.

Step # 1 – Open your Google Chrome Browser or any other browser.

Step # 2 – Copy & paste the link shown below.

Step # 3 – Search the filter you want to base on the model of your Honeywell air purifier.

Step # 4 – Checkout & proceed with payment options.
Other options include buying from Amazon, eBay, and another renowned e-commerce store.

Q: Where to place the Honeywell air purifier?

Ans: You are at liberty to place Honeywell Air Purifier but if you are talking about the best place in the home then place it where you feel the stinky smell. Or if your home has smokers then place near to their rooms so that the pollutants not spread across the home.

Tip: Place the purifier near o the contaminant, the more and faster air purifier will trap the particles.

Q: Honeywell air purifier how does it work?

Ans: Understanding the mechanism of air purifiers will definitely help you to buy a great product. Honeywell air purifier comes up with different stages of filtration and also with different filtration technology.

Honeywell HPA304 comprises 2 stages of filtration i.e, pre-filter and HEPA filter. Pre-filter further consists of a Carbon filter that actually traps the gases, odor, and other big particles in the air.

Whereas the HEPA filter provides 99.97% air purification by capturing 0.3-micron particles.

Furthermore, it comes with different fan’s speed and capability based on the offering coverage area.

Q: How to Clean the Filters of Honeywell air Purifier?

Ans: Cleaning filters occasionally increases the overall time span of the Honeywell air purifier.

If it is your first time with the purifier then no issue at all. Here we have mentioned step by step guide about how to clean Honeywell air purifier filters!

Step # 1 – Turn off the cleaner.
Step # 2 – Remove the stage 1 pre-filter particles by washing. (These filters are located behind the front grille of the air cleaner)
Step # 3- Take out the pre-filter and shake it well.
Step # 4 – wash the pre-filters with warm water.
Step # 5 – Let the filters dry. Once dried insert them back.

Honeywell Air Purifier HPA304 BEST VS WORST

• A high-end device with a pocket-friendly price tag.
• Superior performance.
• 99.97% air purification.
• High fan power.
• User-friendly in nature.
• Best for large rooms.
• Bit noisy.
• Lack remote.
• No set & forget Setup.

Honeywell Air Purifier Review

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Final Words

To sum up all, Honeywell HPA304 is one of the best air purifiers to buy if you are facing some real allergen and asthma problems.

There is nothing wrong to say that with just pocket-friendly price tags you will get unmatched performance as compare to the other brands. However, Honeywell air purifier HPA304 does lack some component features like smartness, noise level, set & forget mode but still it is really worthy to place in your room.