Honeywell Air Purifier Review

Honeywell – HFD-120-Q With Washable Filters: Air Purifier Review

There are a number of purities in the air we inhale that’s why we must keep one of the best air purifiers in your room. There are a number of Honeywell air purifiers available in the market but finding the right one and the best one is really difficult. One of the most frequently used items related to Honeywell air purifier or purifiers is the filter.

The pollutants concertation in the air may vary from place to place & it also depends on a number of factors. However, if you living in an enclosed space then pollutant concentrations may high.

Honeywell is really the best doctor to treat these impurities. It is originated back in 1906 & now with the advancement in technology they have launched the HFD-120-Q air filter is one of the best & optimized filters to remover different kinds of pollutants from the air. The whole system ensures you will inhale the pure & clean air in your room. Always go with the fresh air!

This energy-efficient air purifier from Honeywell is really top-rated purifier which comes up with different filtration mechanism at 3 different speeds in order to make sure all the pollutant got trapped before reaching your respiratory system.

Either you want this purifier for home or for a room, this powerful unit is the ultimate choice for you. It is fully equipped with a number of great features & its un-matching performance is really good for it. What about having a close look at the capabilities of this machine.

Honeywell HFD 120 Q With Washable Filters Air Purifiers Reviews

Description Of HFD-120-Q

Air purifiers use a different kind of purifying systems to expel airborne particles from the air. A large portion of them utilizes a fine combination of the filtration techniques to expel the contaminations from the air. This air-cleaning unit has three cleaning levels to guarantee that the air it releases is fresh and clean.

Air purifiers use a different kind of purifying systems to expel airborne particles from the air that experiences them. A large portion of them utilizes a mix of filtration techniques to expel the contaminations from the air. This air-cleaning unit has three cleaning levels to guarantee that the air it releases is fresh and clean.

best to use for the space that is the range of 100 and 200 square feet, the AHAM confirmed unit equipped with a HEPA filtration system, as it is one of the best techniques utilized for air sanitizations. The HFD-120-Q uses this system to expel a different kind of impurities or contaminations from the air.

Deep Insights

IFD Filters

What’s more, this unit includes a long life IFD filters. You can without much of a stretch expel dust from this permanent filter simply by vacuuming or washing it. You don’t need to replace these long-lasting filters. This blend of components empowers this air purifier to catch up to 99% of airborne pollutants.


An ionizer works by focusing on charged particles that are suspended all around in the air. This air filter includes an inherent ionizer that is fit for establishing the vast majority of the charged particles before they get to your nose. You can undoubtedly expel the dust and other pollutant particles simply by vacuum cleaning.

The HFD-120-Q consolidates distinctive filtration ways to deal with expel the toxins from the air. This air purifier is powerful & super effective in expelling different airborne toxins including dust, pet dander, residue, and tobacco smoke.

Capture Different Type of Pollutants

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Honeywell HFD 120 Q With Washable Filters Air Purifier Review

Air pollutants come in various sizes and types. The greater part of them is little and undetectable to the unaided eye. The HFD-120-Q is advanced to catch even the littlest particles. This air purifier is equipped for catching particles that are as little as 2 microns. With this ability, you can be certain that the air released into your room is fully free from the pollutants.

What we Like about IT

What we preferred and liked about this unit, is it’s certainly a separating factor and the flow of air. The HFD-120-Q is extraordinarily intended to convey a noteworthy pace of air circulation. As per the maker, this unit is fit for circulating the air in your room up to multiple times in an hour. In light of current circumstances, no area of your room will have dormant air.

Sound & Energy Efficient

The HFD-120-Q is a soundwise very quiet air cleaner that filters the air without creating any kind of sounds or noise that annoys you. It runs unobtrusively and this makes it perfect for use in rooms and different spots that request a peaceful situation. Besides, this air-cleaning unit is ENERGY STAR evaluated. It is intended to expend at least vitality.

A reasonable and conservative air-purifying solution, with the HEPA air filters, which is the main reason to grab attraction, in present-day air purifiers, for altogether clean air. The CADR highlights of the Honeywell HFD-120-Q air purifier are given below:

Dust CADR: 100
Pollen CADR: 132
Smoke CADR: 110

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Technical Specifications of HFD-120-Q

Here are some of the technical specifications of the HFD-120-Q which you will experience once you install the unit in your room or in living space.

Filter TypePermanent IFD Filter
Air Flow CFM2 microns or larger
Maker-Recommended Room Size186 square feet
Noise LevelModerate
Energy Star-ratedYES
Power (in W)60 watts
Remote Control? Y/NN
Dimensions28.7 x 11.2 x 10 inches
Weight15 pounds
Maker (brand)Honeywell (HFD-120-Q)
Warranty5 Year Warranty
Link to ManualClick Here for Manual


Quiet air purifier / Soundless Operation – This air purifier Honeywell HFD-120-Q with a washable filter is offering soundless operation.

Highly suitable to use in your bedrooms and other places which require a quiet environment.

Super Easy Maintenance – featuring the permanent IFD filter which is highly capable of remover the trapped pollutant particles simply by vacuuming or washing.


No Specific

Final Words

The HFD-120-Q huge air purifier is one of the best and quite air purify system that joins different filtration components to guarantee that your room gets perfect, clean and fresh air. This vitality productive unit includes a perpetual filter that is fully washable and doesn’t require any kind of replacement.

As far as the air purifier maintenance is concerned it is highly affordable in price & maintenance cost.