Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA200 Product Reviews

The allergen remover series of Honeywell is one of the best, loveable, adopted, portable, and latest best series of Honeywell Air Purifiers. It has been observed that Honeywell is pride taking brand in the market, manufacturing great air purifiers which experts in removing the pollutants from the air we inhale. It ensures that we inhale fresh, clean, and best air.

This product line of Honeywell air purifiers has numerous fantastic and appealing features that grabbing the attraction of its users via their performances. Consumer admired it and found it useful.

Today in this comprehensive guide about Honeywell Allergen Air purifier HPA200 we are going to discuss in brief the features of this appealing model together with how HPA 200 is similar to HPA100 & HPA300 Air purifiers. Based on your area, home, and a room, which one is the best for you.

Though you are landed on this web page by searching “Honeywell HPA300 Reviews or HPA 100 Reviews or HPA200 Reviews,” you will get a piece of full-fledged information on this website for all of these mentioned air purifiers.

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Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA200 Reviews

Similarities Between HPA100, HPA200, & HPA300

There are several similarities between these three models of Best Honeywell Allergen Air Purifiers. Some of the standard features of all of these three models are

TRUE HEPA Filtration: It can easily capture up to 99.97% pollutant particles like bacteria, dust, pollen, gasses, smokes, and up to 0.3-micron particles as well with extrema ease.

Activated Carbon Pre-Filter: Before Ture HEPA filtration, it comes up with the activated carbon filter, which captures big particles and reduces the overall smell. It also increases the whole life span of the true HEPA filter.

Super easy to control, User-Friendly Nature: As far as the operation modes & their controllability is concerned, it is super easy to use & maintain. It can easily switch between different operational modes.

Energy Star Qualified: Before making your final decision about any electrical product, you must concern the billing cost. As per our calculation, if you use in for 8 hrs. a day, you will be charged with around $50 per month.

Automatic Shut off Timer: You can easily set the automatic shut off with 2,4, or 8 hours.

AHAM Certified: The product has an excellent mechanism to trap the smoke, pollen, and dust.

Recirculation – The HPA200 can easily recirculate fresh air up to 5x per hrs.

Warranty – You will get five years of warranty from the manufacturer.

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How Each Model is Different (HPA100 vs HPA200 vs HPA300)

Coverage Area

Sr. No Model Coverage Area
1 HPA100 Up o 155 sq ft.
2 HPA200 Up o 310 sq ft.
3 HP!300 Up o 465 sq ft.

Color Options

Sr. No Model Color
1 HPA100 White or Black
2 HPA200 White or Black
3 HP!300 Black Only

Fan Speed

Sr. No Model Cleaning Leveals or FAN Speed
1 HPA100 4 Levels
2 HPA200 4 Levels
3 HP!300 4 Levals

From the data mentioned above tables, you can easily see that the difference between these models is quite narrow and ignorable. The only notable difference between these is the size of the coverage area for each. They can handle 155 Sq. Ft. to 465 sq ft. So, mate, if you are looking for a small room, then you must go with the HPA100, or else if you own a medium-size place, then HPA200 suits you the most or if you have room up to 465 sq ft then you must go with the HPA300.

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Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA200 Product Reviews

Features of Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA200

Here are some of the amazing and appealing features of Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA200. You will experience these once you install & start using it.

  • Three filtration stages.
  • It comes with four different cleaning options like Germs, General Clean, Allergen, and Turbo.
  • Support activated Pre-Carbon filter.
  • Accurate HEPA Filter 99.97% with 0.3 microns.
  • Support dimmer modes.
  • Indicator to indicate you about filer changing.
  • It comes up with auto shut off with 2, 4, and 8 hours.
  • Highly affordable Selling price with CADR.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Good Vs. Worst


  • Three stages of the filtration process.
  • Four different cleaning settings.
  • I am offering 99.97% fresh, pure, and clean air.
  • Pocket-friendly price tag.


  • Lac some of the standard features like auto mode, sleep mode, and quality indicator.
  • Filter replacement is expensive.
  • The touch buttons could be better. has been working


To sum up all, the Honeywell HPA200 True Allergen is one of the best, most effective, pocket-friendly air purifiers which is nowadays essential home equipment to make home free from the smoke, dust, pollen, and other pollutants.

It comes up with several benefits especially for those people who are suffering from allergies and asthma. It is best to use for medium size to large rooms. It also comes up with several extras like a dimmer, LED indicators that automatically turn on when it needs to replace the filters. The filtration process comprises a multiple cleaning level.

It is also a certified Energy Star that depicts it doesn’t consume too much energy. So, mate all the features a whole makes this air purifier as one of the best air purifiers available in the market. So, must consider it while locking your final selection.