Honeywell True Hepa Air Purifier – HPA100 Reviews

Honeywell is one of the lives of saving brands, manufacturing almost all kinds of products from space stations to the air purifier. We have already discussed in detail the HPA304 True HEPA Allergen Honeywell air purifier, and today, in this comprehensive review, we are going to discuss in detail why you should buy Honeywell True HEPA Allergen HPA100 Air Purifier. So, mate, let us have a walk through this fantastic product.


Nowadays pollution is increasing in our surroundings! Many pollutants contaminated it! With air, we inhale several other particles like bacteria, dust, and others. That’s why Air purifier becomes the basic necessity of our homes. Honeywell air purifier HPA100 is specially designed and developed for large spaces. It is specially equipped with several filtration stages, which ensure that we will inhale fresh, pure, and clean air.

honeywell air purifier filter
Honeywell Allergen Air Purifier HPA100

The Honeywell HPA100 is equipped with two stages of filtration to ensure the air is free from dust, bacteria, and pollen. The first stage of filtration is the Carbon filter & the second one is the True HEPA filter. Honeywell claims after filtration, you will inhale 99.97% pure air because up to 0.3 microns impurities will be captured. Micron is incredibly small particles. For example, our single blood cell is five times bigger than a micron. It’s genuinely fantastic and appealing.

Honeywell HPA 304 Specifications

While reviewing any product, you must have to look at the specifications of the products because specifications reveal the capabilities of the product. Here we have mentioned the specs of True HEPA Honeywell HPA100 specifications.

Filters 2 Stage Filters
HEPA filter
Ionizer N
Auto Mode: N
Max Power Use127W
Max Noise63dB
Warranty5 Years
CADRPollen Removal-300
Coverage (sq ft): 465

Features of Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier

Design, Size, & Editions

The ultimate edition of Honeywell True HEPA Allergen air purifier comes in 2 different colors. The HPA304 comes in white with the same specs, whereas this HPA100 comes in black color. So, based on your color preference, you can select the one you like most. (Note: Specifications for HEPA HPA100 & HEPA HPA 304 are same).

The overall design of all Honeywell air purifiers is the same. Design is not so attractive, but due to its performance, it is admired and loved by most of the users, and they don’t mind the design. If you are using Honeywell air purifiers for long, then you might not feel any difference in the design. It is equipped with a metal body having round edges & full-body air intake grill. But overall, the product is highly reliable and durable. Solid look, set once and forget.

At the top of the product, you will find the buttons to operate the device just like others. It is equipped with 2 LED indicators representing the filtration stages.

The overall weight of the product is just 21 pounds. Handles are available on both sides, which make the placement of purifier so easy.

It is Specially designed for the big rooms having area 465 Sq. Feet, but the price tag is highly pocket-friendly. You will not break your bank once you purchased it.

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Filters Of HPA100

honeywell quietclean air purifier
True Hepa Allergen Air Purifier – HPA100 Reviews

The most significant feature that urges users to buy this filtration process. An extraordinary air purifying process stands it out among other products of the same class. Two stages of the filtration process performing 99.97% air purification. Let’s have a close look at the filters of HPA100.

Pre-filter –The 1st stage of purification is called the pre-filter stage, which comes with the Activated Carbon filter. The carbon filter absorbs & trap

  • Gasses.
  • Odors.
  • VOCs.

And other large impurities in the air.

Lifetime – You need to change pre-filter together with activated carbon filter after every three months.

True HEPA filter – The main element of air purification is the True HEPA Filter, which is claiming 99.97% air purification. Highly capable of trapping small particles (0.3 microns) which includes

  • Pollen.
  • Bacteria.
  • Viruses.
  • Pet dander.
  • Mold.
  • Others.

True HEPA filters were indeed the part of its ancestors, but filters with the right technology give you better results. You can’t expect much more than that at $200.

Noise Level

The product is a bit noisy while operating. Due to its noise, it is not recommended for the offices and sleeping rooms. Please think twice before buying it for bedrooms & offices. As compared to the other products, it has higher noise. But the overall performance is the fact that urges the users to grab this machine. Its Turbo Setting is the only feature that produces some sound.


Last but not least! You must consider the power consumption of a product before purchasing it. Power consumption is directly proportional to the electricity bills. In the case of Honeywell HPA100 reviews, it consumes from 40 watts to 130 watts depends upon operational speed and settings. Theoretically, the power consumption is high, but practically if you run this machine for 8 hours a day, it will cost you around $50 a month, which seems affordable.



  • A high-end device with a pocket-friendly price tag.
  • Superior performance.
  • 99.97% air purification.
  • High fan power.
  • User-friendly in nature.
  • Best for large rooms.


  • Bit noisy.
  • Lack remote.
  • No set & forget Setup.

Final Words

To sum up all, Honeywell HPA100 is one of the best Honeywell air purifiers to buy if you are facing some real allergen and asthma problems. There is nothing wrong with saying that with just pocket-friendly price tags, you will get unmatched performance as compare to the other brands. However, Honeywell air purifier HPA100 does lack some component features like smartness, noise level, set & forget mode, but still, it is worthy of a place in your room.